36 Hours to Go; Plus a question for you.

I’ll be leaving Baltimore on Thursday morning at 3AM in case any of you want to come out and wish me luck.

No takers? I can’t blame you. 3AM is awfully early. I’ll post a picture. It will be just like you’re there, except you can wait until you wake up and check facebook from the comfort of your kitchen table.

I did two hikes today, one in the morning and one just now, to keep myself loose for the big hike. Tomorrow I’ve got a lot on my plate, and I want to rest up. If you’re of a mind to, meet me at the Caribou Coffee in Owings Mills at around 7 or 8 AM. I’ll be posting updates to facebook so you can come by if you like.

I had a meeting with Diane DeMarco and Clark Briggs this evening (see the list of partners) today, and you can expect some changes to this blog and hopefully some press coverage to report. Our discussion covered the planning for the hikes and our targets for fundraising, but we also wanted to know what would most motivate people to participate.

That is the question for you. Leave a comment and let me know what you might be interested in doing, whether its committing to getting friends to follow us, coming out to hike with us for a short section of one of my hikes, or some other way. I haven’t tried to raise funds before, at least not on this scale, so if you have participated in something in the past, and it worked for you, let me know.

Email me at EdMahoneyScholarship@cfncr.org or post a response here.

Finally, we might have  big news on the horizon. I am looking to sponsor a specific vet, and I have contacted their unit to have them encouraged to apply to the Sentinels of Freedom, but without knowing about our efforts. I will keep you all posted on that.

Lastly, I want to summarize WHY we’re doing this and I have an idea for a short statement of our mission. Please give me honest feedback and let me know what you think. Here is a rough draft:

We’re hiking because they can’t.

Wow, that’s not very powerful. Help me juice it up.

Semper Fi,




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2 responses to “36 Hours to Go; Plus a question for you.

  1. MaidenAuntie BOUDICCA

    I have been awake since you arrived at the Caribou Cafe. Only just now has the computer been cooperative. You’re in my thoughts all day – be safe, be safe, enjoy your hike.

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