A new member joined the team

Hey folks, we have two big hikes coming up this month. The first is the June 14th Flag Day March. We are really looking forward to that 18 mile stroll. Hopefully you can come out and cheer us on. Karlos isn’t much for dog treats, but he does like him some bacon…

The second hike is a big one. Karlos and I will be hiking from Saluda, VA, near colonial Williamsburg, up to the USMC Museum in Quantico. It’s just over 90 miles, and we’re going to do it in 3 days. This is the first hike that presents some serious logistical problems. I don’t want to be that far away from help when I’m out with Karlos on the road, and there’s no real good bivouac areas along the way.

My friend Bill Evans, also a former Marine (Ordanance, I think among other things) and also a service-disabled veteran, is on board to drive the support vehicle. He would hike with me, but he really can’t. This is the only picture you need to see to understand why:

Bill's Leg

I am excited to have him on board, not just because he’s a friend and a fellow Marine, but it means the last piece of the puzzle is in place for our big hike at the end of June.  Look for solid information sometime over the weekend or early next week. Semper Fi,Terry


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