The amphibious landing is off :-(


For logistical and permission reasons, the amphibious landing is off. Do you know that saying, “it is easier to get forgiven than permission”?

Probably not true in this case. I can sleep easy knowing we had the tools we needed to get the job done, and that I will DEFINITELY be looking for a kayak or a canoe for our family and Karlos to enjoy. We clocked a couple of hours of sea time, and he is an amphibious warrior like his dad. For those of you Marines reading this, you could even say he earned his SOC qualification.

That simplifies the hike, though. I hope I’ll another post soon with some exciting media possiblities. Please stay tuned…


We will be making an amphib landing on the very spot the British landed in 1814. Our Director of Amphibious Operations, Mr. Rick Cooke, has graciously provided his Hobie Mirage Adventure assault Kayak. It is pedal driven, with a rudder, and a hand paddle. There’s a platform for Karlos, and we’ll be training tomorrow on Piney Run. This is kind of what it will look like:

Like this, except my dog is cooler

I am VERY excited for this. We won’t have to rely on a gas engine to start. It will just be Karlos and I hitting the beach under our own power.

We’ll take pictures, for sure, and movies if we can.

Semper Fi,



Here are a few videos of Karlos and I practicing:


Passing by



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2 responses to “The amphibious landing is off :-(

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  2. Terry, any time you need a kayak, let me know. The caveat is that it probably can’t take Karlos with you (unless you think he’ll just sit on top while you paddle).

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