Prepping for the hike – aka – I’m ready for my closeup, Mr. DeMille

Big news, sports fans!

I am prepping tonight, and we have had a few changes in plan, some of which are really exciting.

First, as I posted below, I will NOT be doing an amphibious landing. It had got to the point where I could have made a landing, but I would have had to chug an extra quarter mile then lug the kayak out of Fort Howard to a van, all with no one there to see it.

If you don’t believe we could do it, check out this post:

Amphibious Landing

The vids are at the bottom of the page.

That being said, there are good changes. The first is I can sleep in til 4:30! I’m dropping off my car at my work garage and a friend is coming to meet me and take me and Karlos to North Point. Thanks Kevin Dowell, a fellow veteran, good friend and co-worker.

From there we are heading to the Battle Acre in Dundalk. That is the site of the battle of North Point and about 40% of the way through the hike.

There, I will meet a mobile crew of ABC 2 News. Home of my favorite meteorologist, Justin Berk. We’ll do a live conversation with the anchors Charlie Crowson and Megan Pringle. That will take place between 9 and 10.

After we hoof it out of there, we’ll meet with the Fox 45 reporter Kathleen Cairns. She’ll be walking with me on camera for a bit, talking about the cause. Maybe she’ll bring her big red dog, Hailey. I don’t know when the story will air, but I’ll ask her and post it to Facebook.

As if that wasn’t enough, we’ll be doing a taped interview with Shari Elliker of WBAL Radio’s afternoon New Journal. Unfortunately, unless my cat comes down to Baltimore and lounges around behind a fence, Karlos won’t make a noise. Oh, unless an ambulance goes by. He’s a howler; a really good howler, deep and rich. Not so Hammy, our 140lb Black Lab. He sounds like a falsetto that stubbed his toe.

We’re still planning on lunch at Isabellas, but maybe not a pastry at Vaccaro’s. We’ll stop at work, and then hike through the Inner Harbor.

From there its only 3 miles to the Fort.

Then we have the last big change. Instead of flying a flag all the way through, I’ll be buying a Star Spangled Banner (the 15 star flag). They will let us in the Fort and run the flag up the pole. I’ll sing the anthem (Yes, I’m good!) and then fold the flag and save it.

On November 10th, when we finish this campaign, I’ll present the flag to Mike Conklin of the Sentinels of Freedom. It will be for the Sentinel we sponsor. Hopefully they’ll have a house where they can fly it.

Tomorrow, Mary and the kids will be joining me at the Fort for the flag day. There will be fireworks, bands and such, but the highlight for me will be the 30 new citizens who will taking their oath tomorrow. We native-born Americans take our citizenship for granted. These people so love our nation that they are pledging their loyalty to the constitution.

I am reminded of Frank Anicoche, a Marine I went to school with. He was the among the last of the Filipinos that were allowed to get automatic citizenship after 4 years of honorable service. He not only wanted to embrace America, not only offered to pay dues on active duty, but did his service as a US Marine.

Before I get all sappy, let me go pack and get ready for tomorrow. Karlos is all set.



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4 responses to “Prepping for the hike – aka – I’m ready for my closeup, Mr. DeMille

  1. Trish Moore

    I live in Fort Howard, MD and was on my way to work when I saw you and Karlos walking along North Point Road. I drove by, then I remembered reading about your journey so I just had to stop. It was nice chatting with you even for just a few minutes. It’s great to see someone that cares about others and makes me proud to be an American. May you have a safe journey wherever you go and may God bless you and Karlos.

  2. MaidenAuntie BOUDICCA

    I am finally at a loss for words. It’s so good to know that you’re as passionate about the Sentinels as you are. You have no idea of the long-term effects of this example you are setting for your kids – may you live to see them. Well, there goes the loss for words!!

  3. Frank

    Nice post 🙂 Whose blog is this?

  4. Frank

    Anyway Terry, I’m flattered that you remember me 🙂 , but one of your statements is inaccurate. Happy 235th Independence Day weekend!

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