Great Media Coverage for “Walking For Those Who Can’t” Fundraiser

As I noted in an earlier post, it’s always gratifying to do PR and marketing for a great, heartfelt cause. In this case, Marketing @ Work is doing pro bono PR for Terry Mahoney’s “Walking For Those Who Can’t” series of hikes to raise money and awareness for Sentinels of Freedom, which provides full life scholarships for severely wounded vets.

This week, Terry was blessed with a beautiful day for his June 14 Flag Day hike of all of the key points in Baltimore, and thankfully there were some media people on hand to help illuminate the reasons why this hike and others of the “Walking For Those Who Can’t” campaign are so important!

  • First, check out the excellent article by Caroline Hailey in the Carroll County Times  This details Terry & Karlos’ route, and gives a preview of his Virginia hike from Williamsburg to Quantico on June 22 – 24.

 In addition:

  • Fox 45 interviewed Terry and will be doing a short segment on the 5 p.m. news and a longer story at 10 p.m.
  • Sherry Elliker of WBAL Radio will be running an interview she did with Terry from 3 – 6 p.m. on her afternoon program today.
  • And ABC2 News  featured Terry and the “Walking for Those Who Can’t” during their 9 a.m. Good Morning Maryland program tomorrow morning. 

As Terry’s pro bono PR team, we know Terry isn’t seeking any glory for himself, but he is very passionate about raising money for Sentinels of Freedom, and this coverage will help to spread the work and hopefully cause more companies, individuals, groups and organizations to donate to reach thet $60,000 mark – enough to fund one life scholarship – by the time Terry & Karlos finish their final 185-mile trek in November.  Visit for complete details and opportunities to contribute.

A special thanks to others who helped with the Baltimore PR effort — Marketing @ Work intern Natalie Buyny, and Maria Young, owner of Outside the Box Creative Media Services.


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