Quick Update 2 AKA a Father’s Day Post

I have a couple of things I wanted to get out there today. I have been a little busy since our hike on Tuesday, and I have so much to relay that I am feeling a little daunted by the task.

Let me just start by sharing a link to our interview on ABC2 News Good Morning Maryland with Megan Pringle.

Here it is!

While I was there, I met Justin Berk, my favorite meteorologist.

Reasons why:

1) He’s calm and professional without being boring. His ethic comes through.

2) He issued a mea culpa after a snowstorm in which he felt his reporting was incomplete. It was a tour de force on how to communicate both sentiment and information without excuses.

3) He has the highest certifications available via the American Meteorological Society, CBM, and the only person so certified in Baltimore.

4) Click Here – Not only is he community minded, he is taking on his cause via a significant solo physical challenge.

Another nice thing about that interview was that Megan let me speak to our upcoming hike, and talk specifically about how Lt. Lewis Puller jr, son of Chesty Puller, the Marine’s Marine, is serving as my inspiration for this hike. I cannot stress enough how much his autobiography Fortunate Son means to me. I have included a link to the book at Powell’s Books, and I encourage you to pick it up. Amazon will have it too if Powell’s is out.

I’ll update the “Upcoming Hikes” tab later tonight but the hike I am doing to honor Lt Puller is 95 miles from his boyhood home to the Marine Corps Museum in Quantico, VA. I’ll be getting in around 11AM or Noon, so if you have the time, please get down to see us. I’ll tell you this ahead of time: my foot hurts a lot right now, and outside of my usual inspirations (Family, Corps, Mother Seton and Karlos, to name a few) it will be Lt Puller and his father that will get me up Rt 17 to Fredericksburg and then on to Quantico.

Two more things. Motel 6 is where we’ll be staying on our trip. I am giving them a plug because they are universally pet friendly. No size limit and no fee. Thanks Tom Bodett and you’ll need to leave the light on for us as we’ll be doing 42 miles the first day and won’t get in till dark.

Finally, check out this link. Many of you know me personally and know that while I am absolutely non-partisan, I am pathologically informed about politics, and am not afraid to debate the topic with anyone. From the start I have stated that politics or anything remotely divisive, has no place in our challenge.  As an example, I stated it should be something Dennis Kucinich and Michelle Bachmann would both agree on. That makes that link kind of funny.

A special thanks to the marketing team who have gotten us in front of the press so many times. 4 newspaper articles, 2 television stories and an excellent radio interview. Thanks Diane DeMarco of Marketing @ Work for managing everything, including coming up with the campaign, Seve, her design guy for doing the graphics work on the upcoming fliers and the logo, and Natalie for doing the outreach to the press. Also, thanks to Maria Young of Outside the Box Creative Media particularly for getting us on the TV.


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