Press about our hike tomorrow!

Karlos in Chesty Puller Park Saluda, VAKarlos sitting on Chesty's PorchA Fan!

This is from the Danvill Express

I’m hitting the sack. Just wanted to share that with you, and ask for you all to keep me and Karlos in your thoughts tomorrow. We are hiking a pretty good distance tomorrow (42 miles) and it is going to be HOT.

We are prepared, but if you pray, pray for us, as tomorrow will be a true test. I drove the route today on my way in, took some snaps of Karlos in Saluda and a fan we met along the way.

A special thanks to my wife and kids. They are providing support on this one, and without them, this would not possible. Mary really bats cleanup in our house, and that extends to this effort. She embodies “Semper Fi”.

Once more, please spread the word. We have a bonus for every person who likes the Facebook page or subscribes to the blog.

Semper Fi,



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