Done for the day a little early

We hiked less than I would have liked, but the heat was just too much for Karlos, and kinda sapped away at me too.

By the time we called it, it was in the mid-90s with similar humidity. The road is tree lined, so we had some shade, but for the first time in his life, I had to spur him on. After a bit, even a long rest would not get him up to speed.

So, that means we give up.


We’re hitting the rack, and we’ll get up at 2ish and head out. This will give us a good 8 hours of cool (please no rain!) weather to make up some time. Then we’ll sack out in a park (or even a field) and sleep until 4. Then we can finish up our trip into Fredericksburg.

The next morning, up early again and hustle up rte 1 to Quantico.

We will be there in time for Chesty’s birthday:

Chesty Puller. Ooh. Rah.

Here is a link to some photos from today’s hike. They are phone shots, so kind of fuzzy. Please let me know what you think.

Semper Fi,



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One response to “Done for the day a little early

  1. MaidenAuntie BOUDICCA

    Your guardian there looks like MacDuff. And the church — people are so good!! Karlos is lucky to have you — I guess you’d say – and rightfully- you’re lucky to have him. Never was there such a dog!!

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