Hey folks, we finished up today at about 10:30. I did most of this last leg by myself for two reasons.

1) US1 is not at all a safe thoroghfare for Karlos at 2 in the morning, or any time.

2) A good 5 miles of it was freshly paved since Wednesday. My shoes stuck to it, and I can’t imagine what it would do to Karlos’ pads.

and C) Karlos doesn’t need to prove anything to you people! He is a true devil dog, and deserved to spend the day in air conditioning, getting pet by his fan club.

That said, he did finish up with me, and I needed it. My calves can only be described as Gordian, and my feet, while blister-free, feel a bit like someone was beating on them like a snare drum.

The end of the hike.

So I have a lot of pictures, stories of people met, and probably a link to a news article, but considering I got up at 2ish to hike the last ~20 miles, after 2 grueling days. I think I’ll call it a night. So I achieved my immediate goals of getting home (ow, cramps), jumping into the pool and soaking (Aaaaaaahhh) and having a beer. Just managed one, a Yuengling.

I will bid you good night, but not before I thank Mary. Without her, I could NOT have been on the road. The kids were great, and that made her driving the entire route 3 times to ferry me around a little easier. Thank you SO much!

Me and Mary in front of the spiritual center of the Corps.


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