Our Fall Hikes are here

Here is the Map for our first Fall hike, which starts tomorrow:

Karlos and I will start in downtown Frederick at the National Museum of Civil War Medicine at 9 AM. We’ll be introduced by George Wunderlich, the director, and then I’ll say a few words about the significance of the hike and how what we’re doing ties into the Battle of Antietam.

Then it’s off to the races for Karlos and I. We’ll follow Patrick St out until it becomes Route 40, and then follow Route 40 to Alt 40. Alt 40 is a hilly monster, which will take us out to the Old South Mountain Inn and Turners Gap, the site of one of the parts of the battle of South Mountain..

We’ll be pretty beat when we get there, so it’s a good thing it’s only another 8 miles on the Appalachian Trail til we get to our shelter and dinner at Cramptons Gap (another battle site)

When we leave in the morning, we will be heading South for a bit before we head off to Antietam on the road. We’ll start at Lee’s Gap (last part of the Battle of South Mountain) and head to the big battlefield at Antietam (Sharpsburg). I’ll spend a little time there before heading South and hiking down to Harpers Ferry, the last site in the overall Battle of Antietam.

It should be a fun hike, and if you get the chance, check here or our Facebook page for updates.

Semper Fi, Terry


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