Back from the dead. Well the lame, really.

I have some news. After my September hike through all the sites of the Battle of Antietam (Sharpsburg, to you Southerners) I was hobbled. Normally, I’d just wear a boot and go to work, but if I am planning a 185 mile hike, I have to take certain things into consideration.

I could not make the attempt. My podiatrist tells me that little tendon that caused me discomfort all along had flattened itself out into a rubber band, whereas normally it is the shape of a pencil. Various MRIs, visits to the VA (talk about a long lead time!) and vacillating about dealing with telling everyone, I am pretty close to surgery, which will allow me to make the hike in November.

So that’s what’s going on. I have spoken a bit about the cause to some Rotary Clubs (amazing people) and have got myself involved with some other veteran’s groups, so I’ll be talking about that and my recovery.

Please forgive the absence, I know Karlos doesn’t he gives me baleful looks every night I don’t take him out on a hike, which is every night.

I’ll be back with more tomorrow. Lent does funny things to Catholics. It’s sort of like our New Years Eve for resolutions. Not to take the intense religious meaning out of it, I just want to explain it to my non-Catholic friends.

So look for more active participation from me.

For tomorrow, I’ll share a thing or two about one of my Marine brothers, Amir Hekmati.

Semper Fi,


PS, Diane, thanks for your patience and dedication.



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2 responses to “Back from the dead. Well the lame, really.

  1. KMJoyce

    I’m just glad to know that you still plan to do the hike. I wish you could communicate that to Karlos.
    Be well, thanks for the update!

  2. Katie

    I’m glad to see your back. Looking forward to more updates!

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