Motivating Factors

A combination of factors made me start talking again, besides the support of my wife and Diane from Marketing @ Work. One was the collective guilt I’ve felt for remaining silent.

Yeah, my foot hurt, bad. To the point I can’t walk on it for any length without a walking boot, and I got pretty depressed about that. Here I was, poised to hit the trail, willing, but I just couldn’t.

I don’t think I’d ever hit a physical wall like that, at least not when I cared. I just couldn’t do finish.

So the things that remotivated me? Three of them.

1) Amir Hekmati – He is a former rifleman, Marine Sergeant, and currently a hostage, pawn in the international tiff going on over nuclear weapons in Iran. Oh, he was convicted of “espionage” while visiting his grandmas. I’ll expound on him later, but for right now, let’s just say the thought of him sitting, alone and isolated, on death row in Tehran makes me count my blessings.

2) Lent – Lent is a time when we take stock of ourselves and where we are, and where we should be. Before I had strong faith, I would still use Lent as a time of introspection. Now, that faith, combined with my desire to improve, combined to slap me in the face and tell me to get back on the horse. I will finish the hike I intended last November, this November.

3) John Hulsey – Another Marine. This one isn’t a hostage in Tehran. He’s a “Success Story Manager” at He is running a blog over at Project One Five. His method is intriguing, as is his using me and everyone else on Facebook as a public accountability partner. If I can model my actions on his, I’ll have success.

See you tomorrow!

PS: Remember, to you Papists, no meat tomorrow.


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One response to “Motivating Factors

  1. I’m glad to see you’re back in the saddle, Terry! I know it’s been a long journey!

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