The VA Hospital, slow but sure.

I got my followup appointment with the VA for my ankle today, and I thought I’d show you all what exactly is slowing me down.

It’s called a flexor hallucis longus, and it is a muscle that runs from the leg down around the ball of the ankle and down to the big toe. Here’s a neat interactive graphic that shows it really well. If you click on the action button, you’ll see it lets you bend your foot forward. I can’t do that. Which kind of stinks.

Right now the FHL, as we call it in the trade, is flattened out like a piece of pappardelle and after I get it fixed, it will be restored to it’s natural spaghettoni shape. Take a look at this picture if you aren’t familiar with your less popular pasta varieties.
Here’s another picture that may help you see what I’m talking about:








Now you know.
The VA works slowly, but it gets there. So I’m hopeful that I will be able to have surgery in late April or May.
Up next, an exciting development in my efforts to build awarness about Amir Hekmati.


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