on Sergeant Amir Hekmati, hostage, and Davy Jones, cool guy I really DID like.

I have been pretty upset by the of coverage on former Marine Sgt. Amir Hekmati. He is an Iranian-American (born in Arizona) who was in Iran visiting his grandmothers and other family when he was arrested on espionage charges.

He was convicted of being a CIA spy and sentenced to death, on obviously bogus charges. I have written letters, sent emails, made calls and in general done whatever I could as a private citizen to raise awareness about Amir.

I let it get under my skin and got a little bitter about it. It was really hard when Whitney Houston died and all the “justice” shows were all Whitney, all the time. Now I’m not one of those who was vicious about it; I don’t have a problem per se with people who were saddened by her death. But I had to admit I had a problem when Davy Jones died and I behaved like the perspective police and jumped on people who loved him and blew his cultural impact out of proportion.

So to them, I’m sorry. Really sorry. I liked watching the Monkees, too. I was just being a bitter jerk.

To you, readers, I’ll explain why I’m talking about Amir and pop singers.

I am doing this hike because I couldn’t stand seeing wounded brothers in arms struggling to get help the same way I had to when I went to the VA to get my hearing loss addressed, or my ankle repaired. I dedicated a large part of my energy and efforts to raising a lot of money, and I’m still working on it.

But I can’t hike right now, because of my stupid foot, but I can do more to raise awareness about Sgt. Hekmati. So, in the spirit of my New Years Resolution to use this forum to build positive support for veterans, I’m pleased to announce we’re going to be doing a separate scholarship called the “Sergeant Hekmati Freedom Scholarship” (or something along those lines).

It will be with completely different funds than those any of you have dedicated, and I’m not asking for any donations for this. I just want to put my money where my mouth is and stop being bitter about the lack of coverage about Amir. I have the resources to do something that might help, and so I will.

I’d say that’s much more useful than bothering my friends about pop singers.

So look for more info here shortly and Semper Fi.


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