“I took five steps today, and that’s no big deal”

That’s what most of us would say. How about “I gave a speech today, and it was no big deal.”

Less of us would say that. I know my wife really doesn’t like giving speeches, or public speaking in general. So for her it’s a big deal.

But for Ryan Sykes, giving a speech is kind of a big deal. So is taking five steps.

Ryan is currently recovering from a Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) received while stationed in Afghanistan. This blog is the journal of his recovery.

That’s the header for his blog. While doing those things might be physically hard for Ryan, they don’t seem to challenge his will. He’s one of the thousands of wounded veterans that are fighting to recover. They have excellent resources available to them, it’s just difficult to get to those resources when they are not living in a place where they have a strong network of support.

That’s what the Sentinels of Freedom does; they remove obstacles so wounded veterans can once again realize their full potential.

Keep it up Ryan.



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2 responses to ““I took five steps today, and that’s no big deal”

  1. That’s a point of view we all need to consider — that what we take for granted is extraordinary for so many of our veterans.

  2. At the risk of looking like I’m talking to myself, I think I can’t stress that enough. Even those physically untouched have SUCH an adjustment to make.

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