Operation Second Chance

Here is a great organization in Maryland that is helping vets, every day. It’s called Operation Second Chance, and it’s run by a really dynamic lady, Cindy McGrew

I first heard about them at a Frederick Chamber of Commerce event, and was impressed by the hands on nature of the organization. It started when Cindy would go to Walter Reed to visit wounded compatriots of a friend of hers that was doing a combat tour. It has morphed int an organization that efficiently provides not just support to wounded vets and their families, but also creates once-in-a-lifetime experiences by getting wounded vets out on dream hunting or fishing vacations.

Their No Person Left Behind program is incredible, and these guys may never have thought they would be able to hunt again, much less on a big game reserve out West, but the work that I most respect OSC for is their more mundane support.

What happens is a Marine or other servicemember will get medically discharged at a certain level of disability. That’s a good thing, mostly, because the medical discharge gets them monthly income, among other support. However, that doesn’t always kick in right away, or cover the expense of moving back “home”, wherever that might be. OSC fills that gap. It’s not glamorous, but it is the kind of support that can really save a family, like food, diapers, a stroller, or even airplane tickets.

I’ll tell you, that’s what these guys need. Parades and hunting trips are great, but having a secure and safe home life can make the difference between transitioning successfully or going off the deep end.

I’m involved with a fund raiser for this organization, and I’ll share more about that later, but for now I wanted to introduce you all.


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