Best Day Ever

100 visits to my blog today. I am so moved.

My previous record was on Flag Day last year when Karlos and I were hiking the route of the Battle of Baltimore from North Point to Fort McHenry. We had some great press coverage.

Today I had no press coverage. I just called on some friends to spread the news about Amir and write letters to his family. Some of those friends called on their friends, and a few people reblogged about it, and voila! We had 100 people clicking through to send letters.

One thing I didn’t think about, earlier this year, when I started trying to raise awareness about Amir was that the press wasn’t not doing their job, there just wasn’t anything to report. They can’t print the same thing every day.

Now, when something does happen, I’ve noticed it gets hundreds of news stories. And so that’s why I resolved to figure out something I COULD do to help. And that’s why I asked you all to write letters to the family. Because they need to know we care. They need to know their son is in our hearts.

Today, I feel like we did that. Thank you all so much for doing that. From Elizabeth King at 6:06 AM to the Savarese Family tonight at 11:20, the response has been just amazing. I’m sure some of you sent some before, and some will surely send some later, but those two messages bookended one of the most emotionally satisfying days of my life.

Special thanks to John Hulsey over at Project One Five for reblogging and to Missy, my beloved Aunt, for personally generating an avalanche of love to the Hekmati family (your friends all wrote to me!), and to everyone who shared it on Facebook.

If you’re just reading this for the first time, and didn’t see my last post, check it out here.

Goodnight and Semper Fi,



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4 responses to “Best Day Ever

  1. Elizabeth king

    Awww this brought years to my eyes! I will certainly repost on Facebook too as soon as I get on a computer. I thi k it’s too easy to forget, day to day, all the sacrifices brave men and women & their families make every single day in order to allow me to live my life the way that I do. I try to never forget and honor you all. Thank you for giving me a place to do it so easily yesterday. And thank you for writing this blog. Take good care and may God Bless you and keep you safe.

  2. Colette D

    Terry, I sent a letter.. Thank you for reminding us all…………… Colette

  3. Colette, It seems you and Mr. Miko agree on this one! 😉

    Thanks for sending the letter. I guarantee you it made a difference.

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