Operation Sierra Foxtrot (Shhhh!)

I’m kind of hobbled by this stupid ankle injury, but that hasn’t stopped me from starting to prep for my renewed training regimen.

That’s right, I joined a gym. It’s Planet Fitness, and it has everything I need, plus it’s right next to Aldi, my favorite grocery store. (If you have an Aldi near you, check it out. Amazing)

So now I am on the right track to be physically prepared for my hikes, but how about spiritually?

(Mentally is not a problem, folks. When they coat your brain with barbed wire on Parris Island, it kind of takes care of the “Can I do that?” questions.)

So that leads me to my spiritual progression, and Operation Sierra Foxtrot. I can’t tell you what it is, but the S.F. stands for words that rhyme with “Ain’t Pants-is”. To say it in a form of Latin: “Aint-Say Ancis-Fray”.

I grew up at Saint Mary’s in Pompton Lakes, which is a Franciscan Church (Oops, Anciscan-Fray) so instead of Catholic guilt, I was raised on a message of humility and love, with a sprinkling of the longest and most boring sermons (Sorry, Father Bob, but it had to be said).

To that end, particularly as my faith and catholicism rejuvenated, Francis always informed my feelings. So I’m planning on something super secret, in the spirit of serving the poor.

I will keep you informed. I was going to try to do this anonymously, for the obvious reasons, but it just wasn’t working out from a logistics perspective. Conveniently, I found something which affirmed my decision to share this project with you.

After all that, I still have no details, but let me just remind you all that many, many veterans are homeless or otherwise destitute. For some, their veteran status has nothing to do with it, while for others, there is a direct correlation between their current state and damage (physical and psychological) sustained while in service of our country. If you add to that veteran joblessness is consistently above average, you can see why this issue is important to me.

At one point I asked myself, “Terry, you cannot choose the life of a Franciscan, that doesn’t really work, but how can you walk in his footsteps”. Or for that matter, follow these teachings, or these, these, or even these.

So I got an idea. An idea so smart, my head would explode if I even began to know what I was talking about. Maybe ‘smart’ isn’t the right word. I still need to clear it with She-Who-Must-Be-Obeyed, but usually when I’m this far along she just shrugs and rolls with it.

Why post this now? Well, because if I don’t I might not follow through on the timeline I’ve set for myself. This way, you guys will be waiting for news.



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3 responses to “Operation Sierra Foxtrot (Shhhh!)

  1. Congrats on joining the gym, Terry! Grat post!! Very inspirational! Diane

    • Thanks Diane. It’s really a great place. They have no scale, and bowls of tootsie rolls on the front desk. No contract, either. I’ll fill you in on the SF project after I talk to Mary

  2. Looking forward to talking with you about this later, Babe. I am very intrigued 🙂

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