What have you done today?

Today I stopped on a busy highway, where 3 lanes merged to one in 55-70 mph traffic. I pulled over because I saw a big chunk of debris that everyone was zooming past.  It was unsafe for drivers, and I wasn’t too worried about the traffic. Not because it wasn’t a threat to my safety; it’s just that I generally don’t seem to notice threats to my personal safety.

True Temper 30" Wood Handled Scoop Shovel

It was this shovel, with just a few nicks on it. SWEET! A good deed and a free shovel. So I called Mary and told her I had the good deed done, and with instant kharma. She, of course, told me I had recieved  my reward here on Earth, so it didn’t count. It is an awesome shovel, so I guess I’ll have to take that one for the team, but it did lead me to think about what I’m doing for the “team”, and is it enough.

I am hiking for charity, check. But that’s not until November and I can’t even train until I get surgery. I have Operation Sierra Foxtrot (Which I am SO excited to tell you about, but probably tomorrow, because it has evolved and I am awaiting approval). I have my chapter of the Marine Corps League. Oh sure, good works there, but mostly it is an opportunity to hang out with other jarheads once a month. There has to be something I can do today, but I am kind of chained to my desk today, with work to do.
Then I thought, maybe the one thing I can do today is to get someone else to do something, or commit to doing something. I don’t have to worry about John Hulsey, or any of my Marine friends still on active duty, or Mary, whose life is one of service and inspiration, or my friend Rob Tewes, or my awesome dentist, Dr Uffer., who volunteers with Mission of Mercy.

These people are my inspiration; these are everyday people who help people every day. They are not saintliness personified, nor do they sacrifice all for their fellow man (Well, here’s to the Marines not having to do that), rather they inform our actions and by their example, encourage us to be better people. To that end, I ask you, what have you done today? That is not a guilt-laden challenge, but rather a question so that you can inform us, and hopefully inspire us.

It could be as simple as “I gave that guy on the corner my lunch.” or “I bought candy bars from the person who is selling them for that charity, even though I can’t remember the charity. I just wanted a candy bar.” or even, “I got up at 5 AM and volunteered at the soup kitchen before work.”

These are things you can accomplish in one day, and like that sappy Liberty Mutual commercial, these examples will hopefully remind you that you can grab a bag of stuff you don’t need and drop it off at the Salvation Army.

So tell me. What did you do today? How about this week? This month? This year? If your list is too short, don’t get guilty, do something. However small. Even as small as being a penny-leaver, and not a penny-taker:

Please, reply here, on Facebook or even email me so I can mention it anonymously. The smallest things are the best, because those are things other people can emulate immediately.

Here’s some for you:
Rob makes it a point to pick up trash (including possibly valuable Coke cans) on his daily walk.
Yvette puts her neighbor’s paper up on the porch when she’s done with her walk. Oh, and she also rescues dogs, which is close to my heart.
Tracy runs a Twitter feed with daily tips on saving energy,
Beth roasted some beets and brought them to a friend who wasn’t feeling good. (Love that!)



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2 responses to “What have you done today?

  1. Boudicca

    I keep making myself somewhat vulnerable to my students, who are just about the most challenging kids I’ve ever had in a class.

    I like to think that I’m hospitable with my life.

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