Sergeant Rex, or how I am forced to say something nice about the Yankees.

Okay folks, many of you know from the cover of this book I don’t need to read the subtitle to know I’ll like it. For those of you who don’t, please read about my amazing friend Karlos.

I was passed this story on Facebook by my friend Harry, who’s a constant source of veterans’ news for me. This could be the perfect story for me. This dog, a working Marine dog, so inspired his first handler he wrote this book about their adventures in a combast theater.

Fast forward a bit, and Mike Dowling has passed the leash to Cpl. Megan Leavey. Sgt. Rex and Cpl. Leavey served two combat tours, with the punctuation of the second being an IED blast that wounded both of them. In true Marine spirit, the two jarheads finished their patrol (under fire).

Leavey finished her tour after a year of rehabilitation (alongside Rex) and mustered out. Rex fully recovered and returned to active duty, and Leavey’s request to adopt him was denied.

Fast forward a bit more. Last year Rex developed facial palsy, and needed to muster out. Mustering out for a combat dog is not a happy circumstance when the dog is deemed too aggressive for civilian life.  Leavey learned of Rex’s situation and requested again to adopt. This wasn’t received much better than the first request.

But, and you knew there was a but, this story has a happy ending. You should read it as told by a real journalist, right here.

Suffice it to say, this Marine (and Sox fan) gives a big Bravo Zulu to Randy and Mindy Levine (of the New York Yankee ownership Levines) and to Senator Chuck Schumer for helping to make this one work out okay.

Cpl. Leavey, you and Rex are invited to hike with me and Karlos in November, but don’t sweat it. You’ve both done enough.

Semper Fi.



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4 responses to “Sergeant Rex, or how I am forced to say something nice about the Yankees.

  1. beth

    sniff! that makes me so happy! (and i’m a yankee fan 😉

  2. MaidenAuntie


  3. As I age, my capability to hate everything Yankee fades. I mean, who can hate Mariano. Just consider this another strike against me.

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