Home again

Surgery was a blast! Apparently, I didn’t go all the way under, I just can’t remember what I said. Plus, I was feeling no pain then. (Feeling it now)

Let me do a little comparison for you folks. About a year ago, I won a contest and my company sent me and a friend (Mary didn’t want to go) to the Ritz Carlton on 7 Mile Beach on Grand Cayman Island. I wrote about it here. I went with my friend Glenn Emery, who has a consumer advocacy law firm in NC. We used to call him Corporal Tact back in the day, because his temperment is so mild.

Anyway, we went to this posh resort, and boy did the staff bend over backwards. Whatever you wanted, and delivered with a smile.

Well that was what my day of surgery was like. Everyone treated me like gold. At first I thought it was just my incredible good looks and charm, but no, they treated everyone that way. And it wasn’t that smarmy kind of caregiving, where they smile just with their mouths, but not with their eyes. These people cared. You were the center of their world. And most of them are vets or related to vets.

I had a fabulous time, was treated with dignity and respect, but with a sense of personal engagement that is oddly foreign in a civilian medical setting. It reminded my of when I was a kid, and we went to Dr. Lucyk’s or Dr. Ayoub’s and they knew my name, and knew my family.

I think that is what is most amazing. I was treated so well at the LARGEST integrated health care system in the country. Think about it. This is one of 153 VA hospitals (and one of over 1000 medical facilities)  and I received the care I described. I ended every conversation, folks. That may not seem significant, but think about it. Not one person, of the dozens who helped me, said “Thanks, buh-bye”. Every one of them waited until my questions were answered, as if they had nothing else to do that day but listen to me.

So to all those that helped me, from the ladies of 5A to the vast surgery team, thank you for making it a pleasant memory.

Special thanks to my podiatrist, who took pictures of my foot during the operation. I begged him to, and he came through. I won’t share them here, because most people don’t share my curiosity to see my insides, but thanks Doc!

And also a special thanks to the podiatric resident who assisted. She did my pre-surgery stuff, and was an absolute joy. Besides, anyone who would wear lavender argyle socks and black mules is someone you can trust.

And, no I don’t have a fetish. I just love the color purple.

So thanks to the VA, the largest and finest healthcare system in the US.

I will end by saying that my wife is once again proving that I could not live without her. Most of you know that, but I didn’t want to go without saying it, for those of you who don’t know us personally. She is the light of my life, and I absolutely could not handle this without her. Thanks hon!



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3 responses to “Home again

  1. Boudicca


  2. Elizabeth king

    Praise God! Wonderful to hear this story, for so many reasons. Heal quickly friend.

  3. Thanks. I’m doing pretty well already, according to the docs. mending quickly, with not too much mucked up in the surgical process.

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