Hostage Marine’s family speaks out for the first time

Amir Hekmati, former Marine Sergeant and hostage of the Iranian government for the last 9 months, has largely languished without coverage.

This was probably intentional, as the family has good advisors and obviously controlled media access.

Now they have spoken out.

Go to to find watch the video the family has put out. Learn more about this Marine who is being held unlawfully by the Iranian government. I challenge you to listen to the story of his childhood and find something wildly different than yours or mine.

I just watched it, and as a parent and a Marine, I am simultaneously heartbroken and enraged. I am finding it difficult to remain civil and logical in my thoughts about this. Please tell your friends about him, because this release by the family means they want publicity now.

You can also write a letter to Amir. If you’ve already written one, write another.


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