From my wife, who just did a piece to support Amir Hekmati’s freedom effort.

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My husband is a political news junkie.  I think he enjoys keeping himself informed, but it is more than that.  While I am very opinionated about politics, I don’t often share those opinions outside of my own home or family.  Terry, on the other hand, enjoys entering into conversations with people of all political beliefs.  It is not the debate that he desires, but rather the social discourse.  He truly enjoys the sharing of ideas and ideals.  This has lead to a surprising turn in his life.  As many of you may already know, Terry was so moved by the plight of the wounded warriors who returned home that he started his own charity, Walking For Those Who Can’t.  

More recently he became aware of the plight of another former Marine, Amir Hekmati, and strove to make others aware through social media.  For those of you who are not familiar…

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  1. Erin Coyle

    The piece is amazing!!! As are the two of you. Amir is lucky to have you on his side.

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