Terry is Available to Speak to Groups

Terry is available to speak to your group about his, hikes for the Sentinels of Freedom, and why he feels their mission is so important.  If you’d like to schedule Terry for your group, please call him at 301-461-0456.  Below is a story written about his presentation earlier in November.

Presentation “Opportunity, Not Reverence” at Rotary Club of

By Katie Simon, Intern, Marketing @ Work

On November 1st Terry was a guest speaker at the Rotary Club of Fredericktowne.  He spoke about how his experience as a USMC Sergeant has impacted his life.  Terry is truly passionate about helping vets, which shined through during his presentation.

Service men and women provide us safety and security as a nation, but they pay a personal price.  In return, society does little to help them transition back into their everyday lives.  As a result, post 9/11 vets have a higher unemployment rate than the rest of society.  Terry believes is not how it should be.  They deserve more in return for their service to us.  Many vets return home with wounds, injuries, disabilities, and some don’t make it home.  Terry believes that, as a society, we should do more to help vets transition back into civilian life.

The Sentinels of Freedom is an organization that provides life scholarships to severely injured vets and gives them the resources to reset their potential and become community leaders.  The Sentinels of Freedom finds vets that have the correct attitude to fight their way to reset their potential.  The Sentinels then become 100 percent committed to them by providing a $60,000 scholarship that will assist them to become productive and integrated members of the society.

Terry is passionate about the mission of the Sentinels of Freedom and wants to help.   This is exactly what Terry is doing with his “Walk for Those Who Can’t” campaign in effort to raise $60,000, the cost of one life scholarship through the Sentinels of Freedom.

Terry plans on speaking at other Rotary Club meetings in the area to discuss his passion and raise awareness for his “Walk for Those Who Can’t” campaign.


About Terry:

Terry Mahoney is a former USMC Sergeant (90-96) who served in Desert Shield/Storm, aboard the USS Iwo Jima (26th MEU 1992) and at Marine Support Battalion aboard Fort Meade, Maryland. Although he signed up to be an 0331 (Machine Gunner), because he knew Morse Code, the Marines saw fit to assign him to Manual Morse Code Intercept school. From there he reported to 2nd Radio Bn, Camp Lejeune, and spent the better part of three years deployed.

When that tour was over in late 1993, he married his college sweetheart and transferred to the Marine Detachment at the National Security Agency. He completed Signals Intelligence Analysts school, and was assigned to the Center for Cryptologic History, where he worked for the remainder of his tour, assisting in research, maintaining artifacts for the Cryptologic History Museum, and working on the history of Marine Corps tactical signals intelligence in WWII.  He presented the resulting paper and findings at the Cryptologic History Symposium in 1995, shortly before he separated from the service.

Since then, he has worked largely in business-to-business sales, with successful tours in distribution and most lately, business communications.

He is a member of the Marine Corps League, American Legion, and the VFW, and believes firmly in the importance of the all-volunteer force and the citizen-soldier to the survival of the Republic.


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